Save the Wild, Public Lands that Wildlife Depend On

Public Lands Bison

Imagine a uranium mine operating in a wildlife refuge or a KEEP OUT sign posted at your favorite hiking trail. This is what a public lands take-over looks like.

Between 2013 and 2016 members of Congress filed at least 44 bills or amendments that attempted to remove or undercut protections for our parks and public lands. For fish and wildlife that is 44 times too many.

President Theodore Roosevelt created the National Park System a hundred years ago in an effort to restore wild bison herds across the Great Plains. Once roaming North America by the tens of thousands, America’s largest land animal was vanishing. The effort led to the establishment of Yellowstone National Park, and other national parks, refuges and forests throughout the United States. This is a legacy of conservation that America’s fish and wildlife depend on. Without wild, public lands what place will be home to the story of the next victory for wildlife?

Take Action! Pledge to protect our public lands for fish, wildlife and generations to come and ask our political leaders and candidates to maintain the great conservation legacy built by their predecessors and do the same.

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