Protect the bobolink: Tell Congress to stem the destruction of grassland habitat.

Grassland birds like the bobolink, whose numbers have been cut in half over the last 40 years, have seen their habitat on native prairie and pasture converted to cropland and destroyed. The federal mandate to blend ethanol into our gasoline has been a disaster for wildlife species—encouraging and subsidizing the destruction of these vanishing ecosystems.

The GREENER Fuels Act offers solutions to help prevent habitat loss and bring bobolinks and other native birds back to the landscape. How? The act would reduce the amount of fuel produced from crops, like corn and soybeans, which have taken over millions of acres of bobolink habitat. Also, the legislation would establish a new fund to support U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s work with landowners to protect habitat on their land, and restore habitat that has been lost.

The bobolink, the monarch butterfly, and so many other beloved American species can no longer wait. Tell Congress to support the GREENER Fuels Act (H.R. 5212/S. 2519) and protect the grassland habitat bobolinks depend on for future generations.

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