Bring Bison Back to Their Ancestral Home


Millions of wild bison once roamed the Western plains, with herds blanketing the landscapes we now call Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas. A fundamental part of the plains and grassland ecosystems, bison were essential in maintaining the region’s rich biodiversity. Simultaneously, bison were vital to the well-being of Native Americans.

Sadly, those vast herds were exterminated almost to the brink of extinction.

With help from friends of wildlife and in partnership with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, the first herds of wild bison have been brought back to roam the prairies of their ancestral home on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming and tribal lands in Montana. This is just the beginning—we can once again have wild bison roaming our western lands.

Sign the petition to support restoring thousands of wild bison to millions of acres of native prairie habitat on tribal lands!

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