Protect Coastal Wildlife by Opposing More Offshore Drilling


Sea otters and thousands of other marine species that live along America’s coasts are now at risk from massive oil spills. Why? The Trump Administration announced plans for offshore oil and gas drilling in virtually all of the waters along our Pacific and Atlantic coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

By handing over our ocean waters to oil and gas companies, thousands of miles of beach nesting areas and life-filled waters off our coasts are now at risk for deadly oil and chemical spills, seismic testing, industrial operations and more. The risk of massive oil and chemical spills that harmed and killed birds, dolphins, sea turtles and otters in the past—and are lingering still in so many ocean habitats—could threaten pristine beaches from Maine to Florida and up the entire West Coast.

Add your name to stand with coastal state governors in saying no to more offshore drilling and yes to safeguarding coastal wildlife. Your message will be delivered to every coastal state governor and President Trump.

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