Keep All Climate Solutions on the Table for Wildlife

The impacts of climate change, including warmer temperatures, worsened extreme weather events and droughts, toxic algal blooms and sea-level rise all can lead to habitat loss and species decline. For example, endangered loggerhead sea turtles are already feeling the impacts as rising waters threaten their nesting beaches.

One of the most effective ways to reduce carbon pollution—the leading cause of climate change and related sea-level rise—is to require polluting industries to pay for the carbon pollution they create instead of dumping it freely into the atmosphere. This will spur a quicker transition away from carbon-polluting oil, gas and coal.

A few forward-looking members of Congress have championed bills based on this carbon pricing principle. Alarmingly, other policymakers have succeeded in advancing measures to thwart the growing momentum for a national carbon price.

Please contact your senators and representative and urge opposition to any effort that could limit opportunities for tackling climate change. And, press them to work with their colleagues to find carbon pricing solutions that safeguard people and wildlife.

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