Keep salmon recovery flowing


Salmon, steelhead, and orca are all interwoven in the ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest. Their populations are declining, some on the brink of extinction, due to threats including climate change, habitat degradation, and pollution, which are made worse by the aging lower Snake River dams. We are on the right track, but we need our leaders to act quickly to modernize our energy and transportation services, and restore abundant wild salmon to the Columbia River Basin.


We the undersigned express our support for the recovery of Columbia and Snake River salmon populations. With the agreement reached between Six Sovereign Nations (the Nez Perce, Warm Springs, Umatilla, and Yakama Tribes), the Biden Administration, and the states of Oregon and Washington we are now on a path to recovery.

However, it’s up to our elected leaders. We are urging them to step up and lean in to keep us moving forward. The energy, transportation, and agricultural services currently provided by the four Lower Snake River dams can be replaced. Salmon can’t. 

As we work to recover salmon populations, we can also have a stronger future for the Northwest, which includes clean and affordable energy, reliable transportation and irrigation, and where the promises to Northwest Tribes are upheld.

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