Safeguard One of the Most Remote and Intact Landscapes in the American West

Bighorn sheep

The Owyhee country is a vast, remote land of austere deserts and deep volcanic canyons located in Southeast Oregon. Spanning several million acres, over two million of which have no roads, the Owyhee is one of the most remote and intact landscapes in the U.S.

From bighorn sheep, greater sage-grouse, pronghorn, mule deer, and redband trout to 28 species of rare native plants such as the Packard’s blazing star and the Owyhee clover, there is no shortage of special and important plants and animals in the Owyhee. Anchored by the Owyhee River and the numerous creeks of its 11,000 square mile watershed, the desert, and prominent mountain high points, the unique geography offers numerous ecological niches, stunning vistas, some of the darkest night skies in the U.S., and historic sites that are significant to the Northern Paiute, Bannock and Shoshone Tribes that lived here for thousands of years.

Urge President Biden to permanently protect millions of acres of irreplaceable landscape in Southeast Oregon by designating the Owyhee as a National Monument.

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