It's Time to Act On Climate

A baby moose rests its head on its mother’s in a forest

2023 will be another “hottest year on record.” From wildfires, to hurricanes, to extreme and lasting heat, we are seeing the dire effects of climate change now more than ever. And it is having dramatic impacts on our wildlife.

Moose are facing depleted winter food sources, and spikes in threats from winter parasites because of a warming climate. There is more our leaders can do to protect our wildlife, environment and communities from the devastating impacts of climate change, but they need to hear from you!




Dear President Biden and Administrator Regan:

We are parents, seniors, doctors, young people, small business owners, and families living in communities across America, all concerned about power plant pollution in our neighborhoods and the impacts of climate change.

We are extremely grateful to you for the work you have done since 2021 to tackle the climate crisis and clean up our air, including:

  • Working to set stronger standards for dangerous pollution like mercury, methane, soot, wastewater and other power plant pollution.
  • Taking the initial steps to slash carbon pollution from new and existing power plants.

Climate change is an immense threat to our communities and the wildlife and landscapes we cherish. Changing temperatures and increased extreme weather are impacting migration patterns, limiting available habitats and food sources, and changing wildlife behaviors in ways we can’t always predict. The health of our wildlife, lands, and water are at risk.

As President of the United States and Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you both have vast responsibility and authority to protect our health.

Our health – and our climate – can’t wait! It’s time to act boldly and swiftly to finalize and implement the strongest possible pollution standards by May of 2024 to meet your climate, public health and environmental justice goals.

Thank you!

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