Take Action for Rare Native Plants and Habitats

34% of plants are at risk for extinction

Without native plants, there would be no web of life. Every strand in the web is important in ways we are still coming to understand. Meanwhile, our native plant populations are declining, becoming fewer, fragmented, and imperiled by threats such as extreme weather, competition from invasive species, and development. 34% of plants and 40% of animals are at risk of extinction, and an alarming 41% of ecosystems in the U.S. are at risk of collapse.

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act will increase support for states and Tribal nations to recover not only declining wildlife populations, but also the thousands of imperiled native plants in the United States.

Urge your members of Congress to be a part of a success story for saving rare and declining native plants plus the wildlife habitats they create by fully supporting and helping to pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

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