TAKE ACTION for Nature and Clean Energy

Moose walking through river stream

Climate-fueled unnatural disasters such as hurricanes and floods are increasing in frequency and severity—harming thousands of communities and threatening wildlife habitats. Millions of people have been driven from their homes by storms, floods, and wildfires, while vulnerable species are losing crucial habitats from climate impacts.

But there is hope, if we take action. We have the solutions to protect people and wildlife, mitigate climate change, and make communities more resilient to climate impacts. Restoring our forests, grasslands, watersheds, and coastlines can protect people and wildlife while creating jobs. Investing in clean energy technologies can reduce harmful pollution, lower energy bills, and ensure that these climate impacts will be reduced in the future.

Please urge Congress and your governor to invest in climate solutions, including the protection and restoration of natural landscapes and in clean energy technologies, to recover wildlife habitat and make our communities more resilient to climate change.

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