The National Wildlife Federation

Lead and copper

PETITION: Hunter and Anglers Go Leadfree in the Field!

The National Wildlife Federation promotes the voluntary adoption of lead-free alternatives for hunters and anglers while in the field to ensure clean, lead-free landscapes that support healthy wildlife populations.

For many years, the only options for hunters and anglers were ammunition and tackle that contained lead, which is toxic to all living organisms. The result is untold tons of lead spread across our landscapes and waterways, often concentrated at popular hunting and fishing locations. While lead is a viable option on the range, shooting alternatives to lead in the field keeps it out of our forests and waterways, out of non-target wildlife and out of the fish and game we consume.

The National Wildlife Federation is working with hunters and anglers across the country to get the word out about safe and effective alternatives to lead shot, bullets, and tackle. Today’s non-toxic ammunition and tackle are high performance alternatives to lead that are reliable, accurate, and increasingly affordable.

Join the growing list of hunters and anglers who have committed to being leadfree in the field!