Protect Indiana’s Wetlands and Wildlife Habitat for Marshbirds

American bittern

In Indiana, more than 60 wetland-dependent animal species are of special conservation concern. These are the species that would be helped by the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, giving states the resources to recover imperiled wildlife like the American bittern.

And yet, a fast-moving bill in the Indiana legislature would strip protections from Indiana’s isolated wetlands. In Indiana, the Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) estimates that more than one-third of the state’s 800,000 acres of wetlands may be classified as isolated, including globally rare dune and swale wetland complexes.

If SB389 is passed, critical isolated wetland habitats in Indiana will have neither Federal nor State protection. The isolated wetlands that this bill threatens are critically important habitats that should remain protected.

Tell Governor Holcomb to protect Indiana’s wetlands and wildlife habitat.

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