Save Wolves: Say “NO” to More Logging in the Tongass National Forest


Alexander Archipelago wolves are only found in the ancient old-growth forests of southeastern Alaska — and they are already losing too much critically important habitat in the Tongass National Forest to logging.

The U.S. Forest Service wants to open up 9.2 million acres of protected forest in the Tongass to commercial logging. We have a short 60-day window for public comments on their plan, and we need at least 20,000 comments to convince them to keep the Tongass roadless.

With fewer than 1,000 of these rare wolves left, we have a choice: Stay silent and allow the Tongass to be carved up by roads and cut down by logging companies. Or we can speak out for Alexander Archipelago wolves and tell the U.S. Forest Service to keep the Tongass protected for wildlife. Please add your personal message!

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