Save Forest Elephants, Stop Deforestation


Africa’s forest elephant numbers have plummeted by more than 60% in only a decade, due to rampant habitat destruction and unchecked poaching to meet the demands of the illegal ivory trade. If we don’t take action to end deforestation now, this imperiled species could disappear.

Commercial deforestation is fragmenting the forest elephant’s habitat and isolating populations, while increasing conflicts with humans and leaving elephants more vulnerable to poachers. You can help save the forest elephant by being a smart consumer.

The furniture industry is a big contributor to deforestation. As consumers, we have more power than we realize to lead companies to change their practices.

The 2019 Wood Furniture Scorecard evaluated the wood sourcing policies of over 80 furniture retailers. This year, 21 companies earned high scores for their commitment to using sustainable wood!

By supporting companies that practice responsible wood sourcing, we’re creating an economic incentive for sustainability that can help save forest elephants’ vital habitat. Will you commit to ending deforestation and sign our open letter to furniture retailers?

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