Speak Out to Protect People and Wildlife from Extreme Flooding & Other Climate-Fueled Disasters

Saltmarsh Sparrow

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to human communities and the long-term survival of America’s wildlife, in part due to worsening natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, drought, megafires, and harmful algal outbreaks.

Increasingly frequent and more intense “unnatural” disasters threaten habitats and can be catastrophic for species that are already struggling and communities on the frontlines of climate impacts. Hurricane Sandy severely damaged the already declining saltmarsh sparrow’s saltmarsh habitat. Thankfully, smart investment in the restoration of marshes destroyed by the hurricane should make coastal communities more resilient to future storms, and has aided in the recovery of local wildlife like the saltmarsh sparrow.

Congress has an opportunity NOW to expand tax credits for zero-emitting energy and transportation solutions and to also invest in climate resilience projects to protect vulnerable wildlife and people from the intensifying effects of climate change!

Please contact your senators and representative and urge them to take positive action to confront the growing threat of climate-fueled “unnatural” disasters. We must move forward with proven solutions like the restoration of coasts, dunes and forests to better protect people and wildlife from a changing climate.

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