Urge Support for Wild and Natural Climate Solutions


Investment in our nation’s infrastructure is long overdue – including protection and restoration of our wild and natural infrastructure like coastal dunes, which provide wildlife habitat for vulnerable species like piping plovers while buffering coastal communities from storm surge and sea level rise.

Wildlife need our leaders to invest in natural and other climate-smart infrastructure. Natural features and ecosystems like forests, wetlands, coastal dunes, wetlands, mangroves and prairies absorb carbon pollution and boost protections against extreme weather. 

Inefficient buildings and industrial processes waste energy; transportation is too reliant on carbon-intensive fuel sources; out-of-date water and sewer systems are ill-equipped to withstand increasingly severe rainstorms and flooding; and the U.S. electric grid is vulnerable to disruptions from climate-fueled wildfires and hurricanes. Each issue requires smart investments that reduce carbon emissions and better prepare people and wildlife from the worsening impacts of climate change.

Wild and natural solutions like coastal dunes, forests and wetlands are essential tools in both fighting climate change and preparing to deal with its effects. Call on your federal leaders to take action for people and wildlife and prioritize this climate-smart infrastructure!

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